Future of Fived Infinities

Infinity Map


Infinity Map represents the RoadMap of Fived Infinities.

Fived Wallet
A company wallet. Carry the cost of development of upcoming collections and operative expenses, such as salaries, marketing, partnerships, etc. It’s also used to hire an author for the Book of Infinities in the future.
Infinity Wallet
Spinoffs: Launching community-based projects
Fund: Blue chip cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.) in the reserve
NFT VC: Uupport quality projects
Merchandise: Cool brand stuff for Fived Fam
Other utility TBA

Oadun Wallet:
Wallet for Oadun NFT owners. Extremely lucky community members have a chance to get blue chip NFTs. Details TBA.

Exclusive Collection Wallet
Wallet for exclusive members. Lucky community members have a chance to get blue chip NFTs. To be an exlusive member, you must hold 1 NFT from each of the Fived Infinities Collections. Details TBA.


infinities project

Q2 2022
  • Social media accounts
  • Discord
  • Competitions for Infinity Badge whitelist
  • Website
Q3 2022
  • Infinity Badge Mint - July 2022
Q4 2022
  • Chapter 1 : Oadun Mint
Q1 2023
  • Chapter 2 : TBA
Q2 2023
  • Chapter 3 : TBA
Q3 2023
  • Chapter 4 : TBA
Q4 2023
  • Chapter 5 : TBA

First Chapter : Oadun

A desert-filled planet with 5 major cities built around abundant oasis areas. Dangerous Vast Dune stands in between the regions. Strict class hierarchy and corruption are present in the every day life. Rumors tell about a rebellion from the desert…

Second Chapter : TBA

Third Chapter : TBA

Fourth Chapter : TBA

Fifth Chapter : TBA